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Analog technique

This is the traditional camera technique with the output of an analog video signal

The cameras are connected via a coaxial cable. Mature technology and further technical developments in this field ensure a good image quality within the scope of the maximum achievable resolution.

These cameras are operated via a DVR. However, the technology is already so far that the recorder can also be connected to the network. This means that, as with IP technology, the cameras and the recorder can be accessed from a PC or smartphone (assuming the app is installed).

Advantages over IP-technology

  • Stabile Videosignalübertragung über BNC
  • Einfache Installation
  • Sicheres und geschlossenes System, sofern keine Netzwerkverbindung über den Rekorder besteht

Disadvantages over IP-Technology

  • Only cable connection possible
  • Coaxial cables usually have to be laid separately
  • Technical possibilities somewhat more poured in comparison to IP technology