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Video intercom

Video intercom: seeing means communicating


It is something special to see the person you are talking to. In some cases, an ordinary intercom is simply not enough. Today's technology offers the possibility to make an electronically mediated interaction between people more human and personal than ever before.


Hikvision's Visual Intercom System adds this human component to electronic communication by allowing speakers to see each other. But that is by no means all. The system has a long list of intelligent functions that may surprise you.


The Visual Intercom extends the monitoring capabilities of your security system and provides an additional level of security for your home. It can serve as a hub for emergency calls. With a further dimension of access control, it provides an increased feeling of security at home and at work.


Our Echo Cancellation technology also ensures high voice quality and an exceptional user experience. All this and much more can be easily managed via our mobile app. In a world where personal interactions are increasingly digitalized, it's nice to see a little humanity finding its way into our high-tech devices.


Hikvision's Visual Intercom System enables more personal, pleasant and technologically advanced communication than ever before. Ask your local representative about our Visual Intercom System today.