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IP technology is becoming more and more popular and a future-oriented area in CCTV


Especially because of the technical possibilities that this technology brings with it. Such as video compression, behavioral analysis, face recognition, etc.


IP cameras are connected to the network using an Ethernet cable (RJ-45) or Wi-Fi. The camera can be connected directly to the network so that it can be operated both locally and remotely. But also traditional NVR access is possible.


The cameras are operated on the PC via a web browser or/and via VMS. It is also possible to connect a smartphone and tablet via the appropriate app. This means you can access the cameras from anywhere to get the live image or to receive alarm messages.


Advantages over analogue technology


  • You can access the cameras from anywhere.
  • IP cameras can also be wirelessly connected to the network, allowing them to be positioned anywhere within the network range.
  • No extra cabling, since network cables are usually already laid
  • More technical possibilities


Disadvantages over analogue technology


  • Can be subject to mains fluctuations, therefore unstable transmission possible
  • Delayed image
  • Access by unauthorized persons in case of insufficient backup